Breaking Down Barriers

3 Obstacles Faced by College Students: How Rend Lake College Can Help

Deciding to go to college is a big brave step. If you are reading this, congratulations on considering enrolling. As with most important decisions, it is essential to look at how you'll overcome barriers that present themselves. This article will show you some common obstacles that may be on your mind and let you know how Rend Lake College can assist you along the way.

#1 — Money

One of the first things upcoming college students mention as a stressor is how to pay for their education. The value of an associate degree can be tremendous. Studies have show that earning an associate adds $157 per week more than the median income from a high school diploma. Most people are surprised to learn of the following ways Rend Lake College assists with financial barriers:

  • Tuition at RLC is 16.6% less than Illinois 2-year college average and has not increased in 6 years
  • One application puts you in for more than 300 scholarships that range from $500-$1500 each
  • Access to Presidential Scholarships, High-Achiever Scholastic Awards, and academic awards for specific programs  
  • Multiple grants from federal, state, institutional and outside programs
  • More than 90% of first-time, full-time students receive financial aid
  • New, all-inclusive textbook program
  • Assistance with applying for grants
  • Assistance with applying for financial aid and student loans


#2  — Support

Getting a college education requires a network of helpful people who support you through obstacles. Here are some of the ways the RLC family provides support to our students in need. 

  • RL-Cares - Our student-centered program focuses on overcoming challenges together so you excel academically and personally
  • Mental health resources with texting, talking, and online options partnered with ULifeline
  • Our Learning Enhancement Center offers tutoring, a Communications Lab, Writing Center, and Math Lab for academic support
  • The Wellness Room in our Slankard Learning Resource Center is a place where you can go to talk to someone, or just relax and re-center
  • Laptop Loaner program
  • On-campus Children's Center used by many students. This award-winning center focuses on learning and growing at all stages of early childhood 
  • Food Pantry on campus helps students overcome food insecurity

#3 — Mindset

Some people feel that college is too big of a dream. Whether it is feeling unprepared, nervous about facing unknown obstacles, or committing time to a program, Rend Lake College has opportunities for students to catch up, stay on track, and use their time efficiently.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable advisement team to assist with career path ideas
  • Short-term certificates and degrees options
  • Credentials that can be earned in as little as 8 weeks
  • Over 400 Courses offered online or in a hybrid format
  • Six types of classes mean you can find the schedule that fits your busy lifestyle 


Breaking Down Barriers ... Together

Rend Lake College and its friendly staff are here to help you navigate the barriers holding you back. 

Whether it is money, support, or mindset — Rend Lake College has opportunities for you to begin your journey today. 

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